Friday, April 30, 2010

EVGA Affiliate Program

Since the release of the GTX 400 video card series, people are interested in buying them. EVGA has the best warranty support when it comes to their video cards. Their other items aren't so bad either. I was thinking about buying a GTX 480 someday, but have to look out for a job then. HV669PDY3W is the code used to give people EVGA bucks, which are added into your account so you can redeem them to buy at EVGA's website. If EVGA did transferable lifetime warranty like XFX, then their warranty support is unmatched then.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

GagaBUX paid me for just clicking

GagaBUX just paid me today for their clicks. Payout is really low at $2 and each ad costs $0.01 to click on. It is the lowest payout I have encountered so far and the simplest way to make money. It doesn't reward as much as WarRewards, but it pays out slightly faster around 25 days.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Penny auction sites: legit or scam?

I stumbled across some websites in my search for ways to make more money and found penny auction sites. Looks like another way to trick people into buying stuff, but then again showing proof is somewhat hard unless you have proof that you won the item. It works by buying bid packs which can be as low as $0.50 per bid, then you go bid on items that you want. Each bid raises the item by $0.01, but if you're lucky you win the item without a problem. Therein lies the problem, you're already buying bid packs and you're also competing against others who're after the same item.

The losers have to fork over their money for using bid packs and the winner pays the auction price plus shipping and handling. Seems to me that sites profit from losing bids easily and get more money than the value the item is worth. Some are incredibly lucky, but most of the time people lose their money due to bidding on an item too much.

Penny auction sites are incredibly popular in Europe and the U.S. seems to catch the fever. Personally I think it is just as addictive as gambling and you have to be incredibly fortunate to win something while the losers have to pay their bids (money) big time. It's hard enough to make money online when penny auction sites are appearing to entice people to buy what they want at a cost.