Thursday, March 7, 2013


Dwolla is an interesting money transfer service. Transactions are normally free if it is $10 and under. Otherwise, it is a $0.25 fee for money transfers over $10. Your Dwolla account number is very much like a phone number, but it seems to work really well with online apps like Facebook and Foursquare on your smartphone. The kicker is that Dwolla is supported by a credit union in Iowa which makes it have benefits from the FDIC.

Another is that you can use your Dwolla account to buy bitcoins, which are on the surge lately. Bitcoins are like currency, but they're completely digital and have no backing from any governments. The reason they're so valuable right now is that there is strong demand for bitcoins and the world is in economic turmoil. Problem is that you have buy bitcoins through exchange websites and they only accept certain forms of payment like bank wire transfers, Liberty Reserve, and Dwolla to just name a few.