Saturday, September 29, 2012

Work is exhausting

Going back to work is exhausting for me since I have been out of work for 7 weeks. My job is to make sure materials are in place, setting up sample kits, load them on pallets and the shipping trailer, and cleaning up our division's trash. It is really strange that the cardboard baler gets full every other day and I have to clean it up. It gets worse when the bale of cardboard gets stuck and I have to get help with another person just to load it on the pallet. It makes me sweaty and tired since other people are busy with work or chatting away.
I just need the money to buy an e-mail marketing software package.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Got money back from PayPal

I got my money back today from PayPal after filing a dispute against Instasurfs a few weeks ago. This site was actually a fraudulent site claiming to give you passive income just by looking at 8 ads a day. It's pure BS and the site has been shut down. Don't believe everything the Internet has to say because you have to figure out whether a site is legitimate or fake.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sitizens ban

Looks like some people who are kings of certain domains were banned some time ago, but still remain kings in Sitizens. People really need to play fair in order to acquire domains/webpages. It's still fun to play and I get to see new sites almost everyday.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Instasurfs back online is back online today after what is suppose to be an upgrade due to a surge of new buyers. I still can't get my money back after PayPal limit his account. The site is rater poorly designed, poor grammar, and too wordy. If it is suppose to be a traffic exchange site, then why is it poorly made compared to others? If you want traffic exchange that is fun, Sitizens is a much better choice. At least it is free and you can have fun with it. Payments are still not ready, but it seems only Liberty Reserve and Solid Trust Pay are taken as payments.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sitizens: fun simple game

Sitizens looks like a simple game where you visit many different sites to take over sites first and become king of those domains. You just download a plugin for Chrome or Firefox, visit sites that you normally visit, and click on the Sitizens button to become ruler of that domain. The site does have contests every Monday and it involves prize money to your PayPal account. The tournament is divided into 3 categories as shown below. The Tournament of Friends: Refer the most people to Sitizens to win a prize. The Tournament of Kings: Overthrow the most Kings to win a prize. The Tournament of Exploration: Explore the most sites to win a prize. Obviously Sitizens wants you to visit these sites, conquer them to become king, and visit others so they can keep track of the websites visited. It also allows other visitors to bring up traffic to these sites. Seems rather helpful to bring new sites in. One big problem is that those sites with adult content should not be viewed by minors and must be categorized as such. It's sort of like a traffic exchange site, but seems to focus on finding new sites. Quite fun and simple actually.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back to work temporary

Looks like I'm back to work after a long hiatus (7 weeks). Of course, my pay is still the same as 5 years ago at $10 per hour. It is just a temp. job and no other job in Georgia will hire me. Simple reason is that most require experience in the field and I have none of that for my business degree. The job assignment will last 3 to 4 weeks then I'm back to job searching for nothing. Life is cruel to a middle-aged person with a BBA degree.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update on Instasurfs

The owner hasn't return any of my emails and they seem to either end up in the spam folder or never set up in the first place. Meanwhile people are still paying his website with the promise of 12% returns each day for 12 days. PayPal and Payza probably knew all along Instasurfs was a fraudulent site when they froze his accounts there. I'm still trying to recover my $48 from PP with the claim, but I doubt it'll ever come back to me. No one likes to lose money in such hard times and the promise of more money is just too tempting. For example the Zeekler scam which was a huge Ponzi scheme.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Instasurfs refuses to answer emails

Instasurfs has refused to answer 4 emails from 4 different clients they provided on their website. I get the same message every time and they're all tossed into the spam folder. I already escalate my dispute to a claim with PayPal. I just hope it goes through, but he has the nerve to still collect payments from Liberty Reserve, Solid Trust Pay, and Egopay. PayPal and Payza have already closed down his account due to suspicious activity. I was a fool to believe Instasurfs is legitimate, but the site is truly a scam. I did report to the FBI IC3 just to make sure this phony doesn't rip off other people, but he still does everyday. This site is new, but several people have already not receive payment from Payza. Do not join this site unless you want to be ripped off!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Instasurfs is a scam

Looks like Instasurfs is a scam. Sent 4 emails from different clients and they were all ignored as spam. At least I didn't invest much into the site. Do not put money in the site since PayPal and Payza already figured out that is a scam.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Instasurf website

Instasurf is an interesting site that is suppose to be an autosurf and HYIP (high yield investment program). All you do is invest at least $12 into the site by PayPal, Payza, Egopay, Liberty Reserve, or SolidTrustPay account. You surf 8 sites a day then you get back 12% for each day for 12 days for a total of 144% return. After that it expires or you must reinvest again for another 12 days to surf 8 sites a day. I purchase $12 and it does seem to be legit so far, but the site seems to rely heavily on advertisements from other sites to promote them. You can even promote your own site by buying credits for them. I would be careful about investing there since the site doesn't seem to have a support tab of any kind. Also, make sure if you're paying by PayPal to make sure your Payza account is the same as PP since they seem to transfer money to the same email address. It does have potential but it is kind of risky since the site seems to rely heavily on advertising other sites. They also make money from referrals buying into the site. Overall, not sure whether it is good or bad but at least Instasurf pays decently. Only time will tell though. I do have a banner on the upper right area of my blog if you're interested in joining. Make sure you have a way to recover funds just in case the site runs into problems.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Making money online through research

Making money online isn't as easy as people make it out to be. For one thing, there are just as many scams as opportunities so proper research is necessary to find ones that actually pay you. It's not easy to find them, but once you do it's still up to you whether to take chances on them. Of course, some methods of making money are either legal or illegal, which is divided into white-hat versus black-hat methods. All these acronyms thrown around so people have to figure out which methods are best. I will continue that later in a future post.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Promoting websites

How do people promote their websites and get referrals? One method is to use autosurf or traffic exchange sites to get visits to their sites. A rather easy way to get views, but what about buying products from sites? That is a different matter since people either ignore the pages or just click to see what it is. Referrals are also the same way and people want proof of something from those sites. Either you go there or you don't, it's that simple. People have ways of making money online through autosurf and traffic exchange (TE) sites. You just have to take your time to promote your websites and possibly money as well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life at home

Life at home isn't so bad but the problem is finding a steady source of income. Fortunately there are plenty of opportunities out there for making money income. I just have to be careful about which are legitimate and which are scams. I'll update on them soon if I can find the right ones.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2 Corsair Neutron SSDs contest

The SSD Review has just posted a contest where you could win a chance of getting the Neutron and Neutron GTX SSD. Both are at 240GB each and you could win one. Regulations and rules are posted on their site to win one of the SSDs. I already got myself a 120GB Intel 520 SSD from another contest, but winning a different SSD is good enough for me. If you don't know, SSD stands for solid state drive and is somewhat similar to a HDD.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Still looking for work

I'm currently still looking for work 9 months after graduation. Everywhere in Georgia employers keep asking for those with relevant job experience. Nothing even remotely entry-level. Not even low-paying jobs are being offered. Might as well make money online even though generally they don't pay as much.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RewardingWays GPT

I'm going to tell you about another GPT site since it's been a while. It is RewardingWays. This site is very much like other GPT sites, but they seem have weekly referral contests and monthly offer contests which is nice. PaidSurveysLive! and SurveyMad used to offer contests, but they cancel them earlier this year. If you want to win a contest, you have to do what the site wants. Referral generation and doing the most offers are the typical themes of most GPT sites. Unfortunately for me, I seem to have lost my edge in doing offers and surveys since they're much harder to approve now. On the bright side, RewardingWays pays by PayPal, Payza, and Liberty Reserve. I like a GPT site that has various payment options. Minimum cashout is $1, but if you buy a membership upgrade you can get instant PayPal cashout. The membership upgrade also helps you make slightly more money from offers so it helps. Upgrades last one year and have to be renewed by paying for membership.