Friday, September 21, 2012

Sitizens: fun simple game

Sitizens looks like a simple game where you visit many different sites to take over sites first and become king of those domains. You just download a plugin for Chrome or Firefox, visit sites that you normally visit, and click on the Sitizens button to become ruler of that domain. The site does have contests every Monday and it involves prize money to your PayPal account. The tournament is divided into 3 categories as shown below. The Tournament of Friends: Refer the most people to Sitizens to win a prize. The Tournament of Kings: Overthrow the most Kings to win a prize. The Tournament of Exploration: Explore the most sites to win a prize. Obviously Sitizens wants you to visit these sites, conquer them to become king, and visit others so they can keep track of the websites visited. It also allows other visitors to bring up traffic to these sites. Seems rather helpful to bring new sites in. One big problem is that those sites with adult content should not be viewed by minors and must be categorized as such. It's sort of like a traffic exchange site, but seems to focus on finding new sites. Quite fun and simple actually.

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