Saturday, September 15, 2012

Instasurf website

Instasurf is an interesting site that is suppose to be an autosurf and HYIP (high yield investment program). All you do is invest at least $12 into the site by PayPal, Payza, Egopay, Liberty Reserve, or SolidTrustPay account. You surf 8 sites a day then you get back 12% for each day for 12 days for a total of 144% return. After that it expires or you must reinvest again for another 12 days to surf 8 sites a day. I purchase $12 and it does seem to be legit so far, but the site seems to rely heavily on advertisements from other sites to promote them. You can even promote your own site by buying credits for them. I would be careful about investing there since the site doesn't seem to have a support tab of any kind. Also, make sure if you're paying by PayPal to make sure your Payza account is the same as PP since they seem to transfer money to the same email address. It does have potential but it is kind of risky since the site seems to rely heavily on advertising other sites. They also make money from referrals buying into the site. Overall, not sure whether it is good or bad but at least Instasurf pays decently. Only time will tell though. I do have a banner on the upper right area of my blog if you're interested in joining. Make sure you have a way to recover funds just in case the site runs into problems.

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