Monday, December 21, 2009

Jobless around for the holidays

After finishing final exams, I went job hunting again but this time I had to include fast food jobs and grocery stores. Guess what, they're not hiring people because they are at full capacity. I was like that does not make any sense at all. These stores tend to hire people who are much older than I and inexperience at the tasks they are doing. What is worse is that some people do not seem to read their weekly ad on prices of their products. With the unemployment rate still in double digits, I might as well give up on finding a job if the companies are hiring those who do not know what they are doing.

Friday, December 4, 2009

College is over, finals begin, still jobless

College classes for the Fall semester are finally over, but I still have one final exam to take. Luckily, it is a take-home exam and it will be easy. Of course, there is one professor who keeps coming in late and doesn't seem enthusiastic about teaching to us. What nerve does she have when the students don't even show up except a few people? Anyway, it's still very hard to find a job for me even after the drop on unemployment. It seems no one cares about new talent, but instead care about ways to get more money by sacrificing quality employees for quantity employees. Yes, a temp. agency hiring temps at smaller wages just to get extort more money from the company that needs temps. Honestly, it makes me sick and the agency never even bothered to call me in two months! Everywhere I drive around town, houses are empty and messy, stores empty and vacant, and people sitting down outside like homeless people. This is not our future, but it seems to be that way here in Georgia.