Monday, December 21, 2009

Jobless around for the holidays

After finishing final exams, I went job hunting again but this time I had to include fast food jobs and grocery stores. Guess what, they're not hiring people because they are at full capacity. I was like that does not make any sense at all. These stores tend to hire people who are much older than I and inexperience at the tasks they are doing. What is worse is that some people do not seem to read their weekly ad on prices of their products. With the unemployment rate still in double digits, I might as well give up on finding a job if the companies are hiring those who do not know what they are doing.


brasidas said...

They are doing this because they figure that an older employee with more experience in better work is less likely to slack off, steal from them, walk off the job one night (family to feed after all), and similar reasons. They are grabbing the best candidates they can.

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