Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NatureBucks- new GPT site

It's been a long time since I last blogged here, but spring semester at college is over. In the meantime, I have joined up a brand new GPT site known as NatureBucks. It is completely different from some GPT sites because the minimum payout is $5 and you can withdraw anytime by PayPal or various gift cards like Amazon and eBay. Payout is comparatively low, especially on surveys but they approve rather quickly in minutes.

NatureBucks seems to be a brand new GPT site that has plenty of potential. There is also a 40% referral commission at the 1st downline, but none at the 2nd downline. It will grow in time, but advertisers seem to be doing reversals lately for fake addresses, fraud, and spoofing. This applies to all GPT sites. I suggest giving NatureBucks a try. People want to cash out quickly instead of waiting 30 to 45 days for payment.