Sunday, November 21, 2010

Click on my egg to help it hatch

I put up a banner on the right side showing a dragon egg. Clicking on it will redirect you to Treasure Trooper, which is a GPT site to help you make money online. This site helped me get a little extra money every month for me to spend on penny auctions. It is better than spending your own money and lose everything from penny auctions. Treasure Trooper is a great site and I've been using them for 2 years. I want to make it into their VIP Club which requires $500 in lifetime earnings. You actually do get paid to answer surveys, make credit card purchases, and other offers that are completely free. The dragon egg is another mini-game where you can possibly earn extra money.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tips on winning SpeedyFinger

Here are some tips on winning SpeedyFinger. First of all, SpeedyFinger is very different from other penny auction sites in that every auction listed is a reserve auction. The key to winning is be patient in all of the auctions. Some people go away winning an auction with only a few bids, but others just place bids on auctions and then leave. This is where you take the chance at bidding some at someone else's expense. It may be cruel, but it will prove to be invaluable in getting that item you always wanted.

SpeedyFinger does have beginner auctions where it cost no bids. You just keep clicking your mouse button until you win. It is that simple. Now it is onto the bid packs at the bottom of the screen. Those auctions only cost bids so use them wisely. All of them are guessing games on whether they end high or low. The main purpose here is to build up your bids so you can tackle the featured items with as many bids as possible.
Bid Blitz should only be used to get what you want, but it will drain your bids fast until the reserve price is reached. The main problem with using Bid Blitz is that bidders run out of bids before the reserve price is reached. This is where you take the chance and use Bid Blitz yourself to win the auction. You may win big or lose some bids, but better than the last bidder who used all of his/her bids.

You can also exchange your winnings for bids to tackle on bigger items such as the iPad. I do this all the time and need the bids to get what I want from the auctions.
Just be careful of auctions that disable Bid Blitz because you may either win or lose bids if the reserve price is reached. There are some people who just build up a hoard of bids to tackle the priciest auctions with ease. Free bids make life easier and you have a better chance of winning. Just be prepared in advance and make sure you have bids to win on SpeedyFinger.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

TreasureTrooper's November contest

This is different from penny auction sites, but it helps you earn extra money into your PayPal account easily. Treasure Trooper is sponsoring a contest where whoever gets the most referrals gets bonus money. It is rather simple really. All you have to do is sign up for DirecTV for a year and Treasure Trooper will pay you $180! That's right $180 just for completing this offer and get it approved.

If you refer people who sign up for Treasure Trooper and completed the DirecTV offer, they also get $180 easily. The best part is, you get $36 for each referral that has completed the DirecTV offer. It really adds up quickly and this contest is for the month of November. This adds up really quickly in referrals. As for the bonus, you must have at least 3 referrals who completed the DirecTV offer and you get a $50 bonus.

Here is how it goes for referrals completing the DirecTV offer and bonuses:
Get three leads, get a $50 bonus!
Get five leads, get a $100 bonus!
Get ten leads, get a $250 bonus!
User with the most leads (must have at least 10) gets a $500 bonus!

Pretty nifty overall and you can use that money any way you want it.