Friday, December 24, 2010

TreasureTrooper monthly contests

It seems that TreasureTrooper is going to do monthly contests from now on to attract old and new people to GPT. The last month of the year is a daily survey contest and the prizes are cool hard cash. I seem to be doing very well in the top and no one else seems to be where I'm at. Even if I'm unemployed, at least there are some ways of making money online. It may not be much, but it is much better than earning nothing at all.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Click on my egg to help it hatch

I put up a banner on the right side showing a dragon egg. Clicking on it will redirect you to Treasure Trooper, which is a GPT site to help you make money online. This site helped me get a little extra money every month for me to spend on penny auctions. It is better than spending your own money and lose everything from penny auctions. Treasure Trooper is a great site and I've been using them for 2 years. I want to make it into their VIP Club which requires $500 in lifetime earnings. You actually do get paid to answer surveys, make credit card purchases, and other offers that are completely free. The dragon egg is another mini-game where you can possibly earn extra money.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tips on winning SpeedyFinger

Here are some tips on winning SpeedyFinger. First of all, SpeedyFinger is very different from other penny auction sites in that every auction listed is a reserve auction. The key to winning is be patient in all of the auctions. Some people go away winning an auction with only a few bids, but others just place bids on auctions and then leave. This is where you take the chance at bidding some at someone else's expense. It may be cruel, but it will prove to be invaluable in getting that item you always wanted.

SpeedyFinger does have beginner auctions where it cost no bids. You just keep clicking your mouse button until you win. It is that simple. Now it is onto the bid packs at the bottom of the screen. Those auctions only cost bids so use them wisely. All of them are guessing games on whether they end high or low. The main purpose here is to build up your bids so you can tackle the featured items with as many bids as possible.
Bid Blitz should only be used to get what you want, but it will drain your bids fast until the reserve price is reached. The main problem with using Bid Blitz is that bidders run out of bids before the reserve price is reached. This is where you take the chance and use Bid Blitz yourself to win the auction. You may win big or lose some bids, but better than the last bidder who used all of his/her bids.

You can also exchange your winnings for bids to tackle on bigger items such as the iPad. I do this all the time and need the bids to get what I want from the auctions.
Just be careful of auctions that disable Bid Blitz because you may either win or lose bids if the reserve price is reached. There are some people who just build up a hoard of bids to tackle the priciest auctions with ease. Free bids make life easier and you have a better chance of winning. Just be prepared in advance and make sure you have bids to win on SpeedyFinger.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

TreasureTrooper's November contest

This is different from penny auction sites, but it helps you earn extra money into your PayPal account easily. Treasure Trooper is sponsoring a contest where whoever gets the most referrals gets bonus money. It is rather simple really. All you have to do is sign up for DirecTV for a year and Treasure Trooper will pay you $180! That's right $180 just for completing this offer and get it approved.

If you refer people who sign up for Treasure Trooper and completed the DirecTV offer, they also get $180 easily. The best part is, you get $36 for each referral that has completed the DirecTV offer. It really adds up quickly and this contest is for the month of November. This adds up really quickly in referrals. As for the bonus, you must have at least 3 referrals who completed the DirecTV offer and you get a $50 bonus.

Here is how it goes for referrals completing the DirecTV offer and bonuses:
Get three leads, get a $50 bonus!
Get five leads, get a $100 bonus!
Get ten leads, get a $250 bonus!
User with the most leads (must have at least 10) gets a $500 bonus!

Pretty nifty overall and you can use that money any way you want it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Penny auctions accounts frozen by PayPal

There are plenty of penny auctions appearing on the Web lately due to the global recession, especially here in the USA. They are gaining momentum as more people are losing their jobs and hoping to win some items really cheap. However, there is a speed bump to many PA sites when it comes to opening up a merchant account from PayPal. Seems that PayPal doesn't like the concept of penny auctions, so they try to make things more difficult in acquiring your merchant account. Some go to other payment gateways while some go through the process of getting PayPal. I'm not sure which is correct, but most PA sites are booming due to great success in troubled times.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SpeedyFinger: great penny auction site

SpeedyFinger is the only penny auction site to offer free bids to beginners. There are free auctions that appear during the day, so you can win 5 free bids easily. One user has amassed over 200 bids for free and used them to win the reserve auctions easily. SpeedyFinger works differently from traditional PA sites, as most of their auctions are reserved.

The owner is trying out timer auctions to see if anybody wants to bid on them. The owner's business model seems to work quite well compared to other PA sites that shut down recently. You can join in too and see if you get the chance to win free bids and hope to hit the reserve to win that gift card. The $10 Amazon e-gift card auctions are the easiest to obtain. As for free bids, be prepared to do some furious clicking and hope to win 5 bids easily. I did and got myself a $10 Amazon e-gift card easily.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Eczema slowly going away

It's been a month since the eczema appeared and it is slowly going away. Mine still peels off slowly and the pain of it is still there. The itching is unbearable and my body feels like it is on fire from the inside. I just don't know what to do after all those prescription medications and the eczema happens every summer. Not sure whether I should change my diet again or try new methods to get rid of the eczema. I know for sure it is caused by heat and stress (from job hunting and money woes). Anyone here know what effective methods to use to treat eczema? I find it embarrassing to suffer eczema every year and I hate treating it just for temporary relief.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

College fast approaching, PC upgrade in progress

I'll be living in the dormitory (residence hall) at my local university for my last year with my younger brother. The main reason is that I need to get my bachelor's degree as soon as possible. Another reason is that I need a job to pay for my expenses. Living with my parents is good and all, but I can't depend on them due to them approaching senior status. Georgia is a joke when it comes to finding jobs. I couldn't even find one in the past year. Now that my father has to undergo rectal surgery and my brother seeing a dermatologist for his eczema, it is time for me to pay back to them for all they have done for me. Nobody wants to hire my knowledge and expertise when it comes to businesses and PC technology, which I'm remarkable at.

I'm still buying components for my PC and I bought a solid state drive for the first time. The OCZ Technology 60 GB Vertex 2 Series SATA II 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive (SSD) OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G was incredibly fast and my HDD never had fast loading speeds on boot-up and applications. SSD is the new wave of storage, but the price of flash memory is still too expensive. I still can't afford a replacement laptop like ASUS Republic of Gamers G73JH-A1 17-Inch Gaming Laptop (Black), but it is one of my goals to get a decent gaming laptop. Either that or winning some random contest to get something.

I'm still doing penny auctions but rather slowly due to limited funding. My winnings are usually small and I can't afford bids to get at least a Wii with Wii Sports Resort - Black, but I want to give it to a friend who is leaving for medical school this Fall. It's not too bad but you definitely need money to play penny auction sites.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sorry, haven't been blogging due to illness

Yes I haven't been blogging for a while due to my yearly eczema. It covers all over my body and comes out during the summer when the climate is really hot and dry. My eczema rarely comes out in the cold fall and winter seasons, but comes out later in the spring and summer. I have no health insurance and I can't find any work at all in Georgia. Tried networking, talking to hiring managers, and inside connections but no dice. My younger brother and I suffer the same skin disorder and my father is ill. This causes my mother to worry so much about the family's financial future and it isn't looking so well.

I'm trying to figure out a definite way to get rid of my eczema, so I can continue job hunting. I can't show up to work looking like I have leprosy. Except my skin is red, wrinky, thick, and peeling off all over my body. Don't worry, I'm still bidding on penny auction sites and just won a video game for $4.03 total. I still have some luck left in me and I'm observing cautiously on multiple PA sites. I'm no power bidder or jumper due to lack of financial funding, but observing PA sites to have my own PA site one day.

With all the scams popping up, Penny Auction Watch and Penny Burners step up to protect bidders from fraudulent PA sites. Bidfather is the latest penny auction site to appear and has establish 3 wins per day and 10 wins every 28 days to give others a fair chance at winning. Sites with no win limits are just impossible due to either power bidders or bots shilling to inflate the price of auction items. Oddly enough, one site is interested in my consulting services due to my experience with a few PA sites. I'm doing my services for free so the PA site will continue to exist instead of shutting down for good.

I feel embarrassed for having this lifelong skin disorder eczema, but I have to sharpen my mind to prepare for my last year at my university. I'm planning to succeed in business, but finding a steady flow of income after I graduate is my first priority.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

PA sites popping up everyday

Yes penny auction sites keep appearing everyday. I don't know how but looks like many people want to go into the business. Seems to be pretty easy but you still must have capital in order to start a business. Compared to other types of businesses, penny auction sites seem to be more affordable and cheaper than others. Maybe I should start up one and see how it goes then. Unfortunately, there are scams of these sites all over the Internet, so you have to be careful and determine which ones are legit and which ones are scams.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Be careful of buying bidpacks with Paypal

Looks like buying bidpacks with Paypal didn't turned out so well after all. When Zoogboo went down for good, people are scrambling to get their money back from buying those bidpacks. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't recover them since mine was cash instead of credit card. There is no protection for buyers since you're just buying intangible goods. Just be wary of buying bidpacks using Paypal instant transfer. Now I'll never recover my money again unless there is some way to recover them. Even I filed a dispute and escalate to a claim didn't help because the seller was using an alias instead of his real name.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lots of penny auction sites appearing everyday: good, bad, and ugly

Since the global economic crisis, penny auction sites are the rage these days. Replacing traditional auction sites like eBay, penny auction sites give users the chance to win auction items cheaply but must buy bid packs in order to bid on the auctions. Unfortunately, scam sites keep appearing everyday in order to entice users to buy bid packs and waste their money on items they actually don't have. I learn the hard way after Zoogboo tricked over 300 people of their money and ran off. I was unfortunate as well and lost money from that site. You need to have good intuition about whether or not the site is legitimate. Visit forums such as Penny Auction Watch and PennyBurners to keep up-to-date on penny auctions.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some penny auction sites down

Well looks like some penny auction sites shut down for awhile. Happens all the time since they can't seem to make profits. Zoogboo is obvious anyway. monsterpennybids seems to give up on future auctions due to reserves set too high on items. Snaago has put their site up for sale on eBay, which means the site is in trouble (financial or legal who knows). What's really funny is that these owners show their other side (like Two-Face in those Batman movies)which is more dark and twisted. Doesn't matter anyway when there are countless other penny auction sites opening everyday.

I'll put up a list of penny auction sites you can rely on (hopefully) the right side. I really did win a few items, but cash deposited into your Paypal account is the easiest and doesn't require long delivery times.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1 year anniversary at Penny Auction Watch: a contest for free bids!

Looks like Penny Auction Watch is having their one year anniversary and celebrate it by having a contest to one lucky person. This person will be the winner and have free bids to many penny auction sites. The winner will have to chance to win a great item for a low price with those free bids. Penny auctions are the new wave of auction sites.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bad rumors around Zoogboo

There have been disturbing rumors around the penny auction site Zoogboo. It seems their site seems to have problems with showing history of past auctions and showing who the previous winner is. Also, the winner of the auction should have been the last person who placed the bid, but instead it is the second person below it.

Customer service is another story as well. It seems that the site owner only responds to certain emails, but ignores others or goes into the spam folder. Some of the winners claim that the site owner doesn't respond to their emails and shipping goes out for these items with tracking numbers. Many other penny auction sites have taken steps to take care of their customers instead of ignoring them. Penny Auction Watch and Pennyburners warn people to avoid the site, but there are still people bidding on the site.

I personally avoid the site until Zoogboo overhauls their website with dramatic changes. It seems the programmer didn't do a good job of the layout and past auction history is missing to determine who has reach their limit.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Strategies and tips to winning penny auctions

Ever wonder how you could win those items at penny auction sites so easily, but while everybody else throws their bids away at high-priced items? Here are a few observations I notice from penny auction sites.

1. Most sign up with the same username on multiple sites, establishing a reputation among bidders.
2. Bidders are more likely to win on PA sites that receive less traffic compared to more popular sites.
3. New PA sites keep popping up everyday and many bidders will go to the new site to win easier.
4. Juggling between PA sites is risky if the auction items are going to end at the same time.
5. Study your opponent's patterns on various PA sites and make sure they're about to reach their win limits.
6. There are always jumpers in PA sites, so you have to outbid them easily. Otherwise, that one jumper could've won the item with a free bid.
7. Do not go into a bidding war knowing you will lose your money and bids fast. This is the number one reason people seem to forget.
8. Throwing one bid when a new item appears is a waste since other people will always bid on the auction item in the end.
9. You got to have a plan and strategy to winning the auction item. If your opponent has won bid packs and cash, then they will most likely go after the high-priced items.
10. If you still can't win an item from a penny auction, then you haven't been studying hard enough to figure out your opponents' bidding patterns. You can't charge in there blindly and win.

Hope these tips will help you. I approach penny auction sites with caution since most of the winners don't seem to have jobs which IMHO is a waste of money since all they're doing is racking up credit card debt real fast. They have to sell their winnings in order to make a decent profit. Don't take PA sites lightly since they can be addictive (similar to gambling addiction).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Penny auction sites - a way of making money

There are so many PA (penny auction) sites now that it is not even funny. Some of these people make a living buying items from PA sites and then selling their winnings on Craigslist and eBay. You can usually tell because all these items are brand new and untouched if selling on eBay. From DSLR cameras, Macbooks, iPads, laptops, gift cards, and just about anything could be found on PA sites. Reselling them on eBay also brings a large influx of income just so they can buy more bids on PA sites easily.

Some PA sites are giving away free bids just by referring new people to their sites. One example is ALicense2Bid where they are giving away 5 free bids just by referring people and buying any bid package. The auction items listed are really good but $1 a bid seems very expensive. Another site is Bidrodeo. This site is more friendly and gives away 5 free bids if you sign up from a referral. Another 5 free bids will be given if you buy any bid package, so you get 10 free bids.

BidonCash only gives you 1 free bid which isn't much, but you can refer people and get 10 free bids if the referral buys a bid package. This PA auction is only for bid packages and cash. Yes you heard me, cash. Too bad they don't use Paypal, but for cashout you can do a bank wire or Eco Card (sort of like Paypal but you can get the cash by bank wire or a virtual Mastercard like a real Mastercard for online purchases).

Most of these people have to have a steady flow of income, so they must have money in order to win these PA sites. Strategy is a necessity on PA sites since you have to know your opponents and know if you can win the auction. Otherwise, you may waste plenty of money on bids and never win anything at all.

Friday, April 30, 2010

EVGA Affiliate Program

Since the release of the GTX 400 video card series, people are interested in buying them. EVGA has the best warranty support when it comes to their video cards. Their other items aren't so bad either. I was thinking about buying a GTX 480 someday, but have to look out for a job then. HV669PDY3W is the code used to give people EVGA bucks, which are added into your account so you can redeem them to buy at EVGA's website. If EVGA did transferable lifetime warranty like XFX, then their warranty support is unmatched then.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

GagaBUX paid me for just clicking

GagaBUX just paid me today for their clicks. Payout is really low at $2 and each ad costs $0.01 to click on. It is the lowest payout I have encountered so far and the simplest way to make money. It doesn't reward as much as WarRewards, but it pays out slightly faster around 25 days.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Penny auction sites: legit or scam?

I stumbled across some websites in my search for ways to make more money and found penny auction sites. Looks like another way to trick people into buying stuff, but then again showing proof is somewhat hard unless you have proof that you won the item. It works by buying bid packs which can be as low as $0.50 per bid, then you go bid on items that you want. Each bid raises the item by $0.01, but if you're lucky you win the item without a problem. Therein lies the problem, you're already buying bid packs and you're also competing against others who're after the same item.

The losers have to fork over their money for using bid packs and the winner pays the auction price plus shipping and handling. Seems to me that sites profit from losing bids easily and get more money than the value the item is worth. Some are incredibly lucky, but most of the time people lose their money due to bidding on an item too much.

Penny auction sites are incredibly popular in Europe and the U.S. seems to catch the fever. Personally I think it is just as addictive as gambling and you have to be incredibly fortunate to win something while the losers have to pay their bids (money) big time. It's hard enough to make money online when penny auction sites are appearing to entice people to buy what they want at a cost.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

$5 bonus given to newcomers by WarReWARds

WarReWARds is giving out $5 to newcomers who sign up for their site. It is only available for the month of March in celebration of WarReWARds launch. There are many ways to make money online from surveys, offers, and even cashback from your favorite stores. Not many other GPT sites are willing to go as far as WarReWARds when it comes to making money.

That's right, you too can make money online. Just sign up at WarReWARds and do what you like to earn a little extra money for yourself. Remember, you must put in effort to make money and appreciate what WarReWARds has to offer. Remember, minimum payout is $15 and referral commissions start out at 15% and go as high as 20% What are you waiting for, this is an opportunity to make free money.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WarReWARds: An upcoming GPT site

WarReWARds is an interesting site since it follows in the same vein as other GPT sites like Treasure Trooper and Inbox Dollars, but this site came out yesterday. If anyone is asking, yes it does share some similarities to defunct GPT site SWATcash but it is a completely different site. It takes on the military theme and has plenty of ways to make money. The most obvious is the Offers section, which you do daily surveys and numerous offers to choose from. Minimum payout is $15 which is better than some others. Referral bonuses start at 15% and can go as high as 20%. No second level referral bonuses.

The most interesting aspect of WarReWARds is the Combat Map. You have to choose which military branch you're going to be in and appear on a 9x9 map. You're provided with a pistol, 10 bullets, light armor, and shoes. This is where it gets interesting. You have to move around the map and seek out enemies in order to earn WR, which is currency used to upgrade your equipment. This currency is also used to buy referrals or increase your commission rate from referrals (+1%). If you lose against an enemy, your health decreases slowly until you lose it all and can't move the map for 24 hours. Bullets can be earned through Offers and contests sponsors. You have to be active if you want to earn WR, get referrals, and bullets.

Overall, WarReWARds has the potential to become a great GPT site. If it can outlast other GPT sites, then WarReWARds will be a great way to earn some money and have fun in the mean time.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Treasure Trooper referral program

When you become a VIP you will be able to get 10 referrals a month for free. This is where the money starts flowing pretty nicely. If you become an active VIP member on treasure trooper for a while you could earn as much as $500 a month and the best part is once you get enough referrals you don't have to do anything. So my advice to you is to do all the hot offers and as many popular offers as you can. Do all the daily surveys and work your way up to becoming a VIP member when you earn $500. Work hard during the first couple of months then sit back and watch the money flow in from your referrals.

It's getting really hard to make money in a recession. Referrals are the only way to get decent money from [url=""]Treasure Trooper[/url]. You have to be very active in order to get gains from the site. $500 is incredibly hard to attain, but the rewards are great. If you want to join the site, contact me and I'll send you the link. You also get 20% for every one you referred and 5% for each one they referred.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Treasure Trooper having a referral contest

Treasure Trooper is having a referral contest for those who signed up for them.

So that everybody can participate, and have a shot at winning, February's referral contest will have 20 winners! We have also structured the prize money in such a way that you are rewarded for the amount of referrals you actually gained, in addition to where you place in the rankings. In order to discourage fake signups, your referrals must complete at least 1 offer or daily survey, or earn $5 in clicks, to be considered a valid referral. Folks, there is over $6000 up for grabs here and we've made it real easy to make some good money with this contest! If you've participated in our referral contests before, you've no doubt noticed that it is VERY easy to be a winner even if you only get 4 or 5 referrals! You can do this!

[b]PRIZE CHART[/b] (All of these cap at 500 referrals max)
1st place - $1 per referral PLUS 100 gold coins!
2nd place - 95 cents per referral PLUS 50 gold coins
3rd place - 90 cents per referral PLUS 25 gold coins
4th place - 85 cents per referral
5th place - 80 cents per referral
6th place - 75 cents per referral
7th place - 70 cents per referral
8th place - 65 cents per referral
9th place - 60 cents per referral
10th place - 55 cents per referral
11th-20th place - 50 cents per referral

For a leg up in the competition, join the Referral Machines over in the referral discussion forum where I will be posting new assignments every other day, throughout the month of February, especially designed to help you achieve multiple referrals!

There is money involved and in this recession money talks. This is probably the largest payout yet for Treasure Trooper and I'll invite you in on the fun. It's a good way to earn money and it is not a scam. Most of them are surveys, offers, and clicks.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Got paid again from Treasure Trooper

I've got paid at Treasure Trooper again this month. $45 from January. I get paid once a month (around the 15th) and the deals are getting harder to get by. Even jobless, I can still find ways to make money online. Treasure Trooper is still pretty consistent in paying out their members, but the approval rate for the offers seem to have dwindle slightly.

I might as well be making money online since finding a job is next to impossible here in Georgia and most require experience in a certain area. I'm going to try out other GPT (get-paid-to) sites that are not scams. A little extra money doesn't hurt you unless you're in some scam or scheme. That did happen to me 3 times in the past, but now I know what sites people generally use to get paid.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Still no jobs as usual and professors' say recession is still in effect

After ten months of job searching, I still can't even find a decent job. There is a new Subway that just opened right across from where I live. Oddly enough, the store seems to be hiring only a few people so I went in and applied for it. On other news, my college professors informed students that the recession is still there and that many college students have been looking for work for an entire year. I'm not the only one who is out looking for a job. My age is approaching 30 and I still have such bad luck. On top of that, I don't have the necessary experience to get the job.

This is why I've been trying to sell stuff on eBay, but the amount of income coming in is very miniscule. Don't believe in companies like UPS that say the recession is over. It's complete BS and people are still looking for jobs out there. Being optimistic is incredibly hard with doom and gloom over peoples' faces.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still no jobs even at the end of the month

Even after last time I wrote on this blog hoping to find a job went down the drain. This time I went to a few stores and filled out applications for possible job positions that are suited for me. The only experience I ever had is six years of warehouse/light industrial work. Unfortunately, managers think of this as no experience at all except for those working in the same field. How in the world do I pick up office experience if I never had any except academic work (does not count as experience)? I might as well be selling stuff on eBay, but I need a dSLR camera with macro lenses so I can sell some old jewelry and computer components.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Treasure Trooper makes payment to me

TreasureTrooper has made a payment to my PayPal account for doing all those surveys and clicks I did for them. Ever since SWATcash went down, I turned to TreasureTrooper for my needs. Sure it doesn't pay as well, but at least I get some money coming in. There are plenty of offers available on the site. I did mostly surveys since they don't cost me any money. It's really hard to make money when you have no job and no connections. Here's my proof of payment:

TreasureTrooper is a great starting place for those who need a little cash in PayPal or delivered by mail in check form.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Still no work

After going back to college, I still couldn't even find a job. I've applied to Best Buy and Domino's Pizza since they were interested in hiring new employees. After a week and still nothing. Everything seems to went downhill for me and I have to pay for my college tuition and textbooks. I'm not here to spend money on junk like other people and I need to save that money to replace some components in my PC, as well as my poor laptop which seems to not boot sometimes.

I don't even have a car and businesses still have the nerve to deny people based on experience and race. Might as well wait and see if new job opportunities will come in. Some people I've talked to at forums are spending money like crazy and I'm out here begging for money. Guess I'll be the laughing stock when I've finished college in 4 years.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Going back to college soon

I'm going to Georgia Gwinnett College on the 11th and I've rent my books from You heard me, renting textbooks. I've saved over $95 for renting instead of buying textbooks online. The resale value of these books will plummet and become useless once Fall semester comes. I'm still jobless and the employees seem to be ruder and dissatisfied at where they are at. Try telling to those people who've lost their jobs like me and have to figure out how to make ends meet. Nevertheless, I don't give up in pursuing my education and job.