Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bad rumors around Zoogboo

There have been disturbing rumors around the penny auction site Zoogboo. It seems their site seems to have problems with showing history of past auctions and showing who the previous winner is. Also, the winner of the auction should have been the last person who placed the bid, but instead it is the second person below it.

Customer service is another story as well. It seems that the site owner only responds to certain emails, but ignores others or goes into the spam folder. Some of the winners claim that the site owner doesn't respond to their emails and shipping goes out for these items with tracking numbers. Many other penny auction sites have taken steps to take care of their customers instead of ignoring them. Penny Auction Watch and Pennyburners warn people to avoid the site, but there are still people bidding on the site.

I personally avoid the site until Zoogboo overhauls their website with dramatic changes. It seems the programmer didn't do a good job of the layout and past auction history is missing to determine who has reach their limit.

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