Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Penny auction sites - a way of making money

There are so many PA (penny auction) sites now that it is not even funny. Some of these people make a living buying items from PA sites and then selling their winnings on Craigslist and eBay. You can usually tell because all these items are brand new and untouched if selling on eBay. From DSLR cameras, Macbooks, iPads, laptops, gift cards, and just about anything could be found on PA sites. Reselling them on eBay also brings a large influx of income just so they can buy more bids on PA sites easily.

Some PA sites are giving away free bids just by referring new people to their sites. One example is ALicense2Bid where they are giving away 5 free bids just by referring people and buying any bid package. The auction items listed are really good but $1 a bid seems very expensive. Another site is Bidrodeo. This site is more friendly and gives away 5 free bids if you sign up from a referral. Another 5 free bids will be given if you buy any bid package, so you get 10 free bids.

BidonCash only gives you 1 free bid which isn't much, but you can refer people and get 10 free bids if the referral buys a bid package. This PA auction is only for bid packages and cash. Yes you heard me, cash. Too bad they don't use Paypal, but for cashout you can do a bank wire or Eco Card (sort of like Paypal but you can get the cash by bank wire or a virtual Mastercard like a real Mastercard for online purchases).

Most of these people have to have a steady flow of income, so they must have money in order to win these PA sites. Strategy is a necessity on PA sites since you have to know your opponents and know if you can win the auction. Otherwise, you may waste plenty of money on bids and never win anything at all.


Josh said...

Hey rpgman,

I'd love to talk to you about your penny auction experiences.

Send me an email if it's convenient for you.


Josh from the Penny Auction List

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maximo said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing. I have had many good experiences with auction sites and so far I am enjoying it. I am able to get really cool stuff online.

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Hi, thank you for this blog. i agree that PAs are very popular now that other people are making a business out of it, selling their won items on ebay or other online stores.

Bidders just have to know their opponent, build their own strategy and make sure to invest in a trustworthy PA site (as we all probably know, not all are).

Good luck and i'm looking forward to your other blogs about Penny auctions.

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