Monday, February 22, 2010

Treasure Trooper referral program

When you become a VIP you will be able to get 10 referrals a month for free. This is where the money starts flowing pretty nicely. If you become an active VIP member on treasure trooper for a while you could earn as much as $500 a month and the best part is once you get enough referrals you don't have to do anything. So my advice to you is to do all the hot offers and as many popular offers as you can. Do all the daily surveys and work your way up to becoming a VIP member when you earn $500. Work hard during the first couple of months then sit back and watch the money flow in from your referrals.

It's getting really hard to make money in a recession. Referrals are the only way to get decent money from [url=""]Treasure Trooper[/url]. You have to be very active in order to get gains from the site. $500 is incredibly hard to attain, but the rewards are great. If you want to join the site, contact me and I'll send you the link. You also get 20% for every one you referred and 5% for each one they referred.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Treasure Trooper having a referral contest

Treasure Trooper is having a referral contest for those who signed up for them.

So that everybody can participate, and have a shot at winning, February's referral contest will have 20 winners! We have also structured the prize money in such a way that you are rewarded for the amount of referrals you actually gained, in addition to where you place in the rankings. In order to discourage fake signups, your referrals must complete at least 1 offer or daily survey, or earn $5 in clicks, to be considered a valid referral. Folks, there is over $6000 up for grabs here and we've made it real easy to make some good money with this contest! If you've participated in our referral contests before, you've no doubt noticed that it is VERY easy to be a winner even if you only get 4 or 5 referrals! You can do this!

[b]PRIZE CHART[/b] (All of these cap at 500 referrals max)
1st place - $1 per referral PLUS 100 gold coins!
2nd place - 95 cents per referral PLUS 50 gold coins
3rd place - 90 cents per referral PLUS 25 gold coins
4th place - 85 cents per referral
5th place - 80 cents per referral
6th place - 75 cents per referral
7th place - 70 cents per referral
8th place - 65 cents per referral
9th place - 60 cents per referral
10th place - 55 cents per referral
11th-20th place - 50 cents per referral

For a leg up in the competition, join the Referral Machines over in the referral discussion forum where I will be posting new assignments every other day, throughout the month of February, especially designed to help you achieve multiple referrals!

There is money involved and in this recession money talks. This is probably the largest payout yet for Treasure Trooper and I'll invite you in on the fun. It's a good way to earn money and it is not a scam. Most of them are surveys, offers, and clicks.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Got paid again from Treasure Trooper

I've got paid at Treasure Trooper again this month. $45 from January. I get paid once a month (around the 15th) and the deals are getting harder to get by. Even jobless, I can still find ways to make money online. Treasure Trooper is still pretty consistent in paying out their members, but the approval rate for the offers seem to have dwindle slightly.

I might as well be making money online since finding a job is next to impossible here in Georgia and most require experience in a certain area. I'm going to try out other GPT (get-paid-to) sites that are not scams. A little extra money doesn't hurt you unless you're in some scam or scheme. That did happen to me 3 times in the past, but now I know what sites people generally use to get paid.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Still no jobs as usual and professors' say recession is still in effect

After ten months of job searching, I still can't even find a decent job. There is a new Subway that just opened right across from where I live. Oddly enough, the store seems to be hiring only a few people so I went in and applied for it. On other news, my college professors informed students that the recession is still there and that many college students have been looking for work for an entire year. I'm not the only one who is out looking for a job. My age is approaching 30 and I still have such bad luck. On top of that, I don't have the necessary experience to get the job.

This is why I've been trying to sell stuff on eBay, but the amount of income coming in is very miniscule. Don't believe in companies like UPS that say the recession is over. It's complete BS and people are still looking for jobs out there. Being optimistic is incredibly hard with doom and gloom over peoples' faces.