Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Treasure Trooper having a referral contest

Treasure Trooper is having a referral contest for those who signed up for them.

So that everybody can participate, and have a shot at winning, February's referral contest will have 20 winners! We have also structured the prize money in such a way that you are rewarded for the amount of referrals you actually gained, in addition to where you place in the rankings. In order to discourage fake signups, your referrals must complete at least 1 offer or daily survey, or earn $5 in clicks, to be considered a valid referral. Folks, there is over $6000 up for grabs here and we've made it real easy to make some good money with this contest! If you've participated in our referral contests before, you've no doubt noticed that it is VERY easy to be a winner even if you only get 4 or 5 referrals! You can do this!

[b]PRIZE CHART[/b] (All of these cap at 500 referrals max)
1st place - $1 per referral PLUS 100 gold coins!
2nd place - 95 cents per referral PLUS 50 gold coins
3rd place - 90 cents per referral PLUS 25 gold coins
4th place - 85 cents per referral
5th place - 80 cents per referral
6th place - 75 cents per referral
7th place - 70 cents per referral
8th place - 65 cents per referral
9th place - 60 cents per referral
10th place - 55 cents per referral
11th-20th place - 50 cents per referral

For a leg up in the competition, join the Referral Machines over in the referral discussion forum where I will be posting new assignments every other day, throughout the month of February, especially designed to help you achieve multiple referrals!

There is money involved and in this recession money talks. This is probably the largest payout yet for Treasure Trooper and I'll invite you in on the fun. It's a good way to earn money and it is not a scam. Most of them are surveys, offers, and clicks.

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