Monday, February 22, 2010

Treasure Trooper referral program

When you become a VIP you will be able to get 10 referrals a month for free. This is where the money starts flowing pretty nicely. If you become an active VIP member on treasure trooper for a while you could earn as much as $500 a month and the best part is once you get enough referrals you don't have to do anything. So my advice to you is to do all the hot offers and as many popular offers as you can. Do all the daily surveys and work your way up to becoming a VIP member when you earn $500. Work hard during the first couple of months then sit back and watch the money flow in from your referrals.

It's getting really hard to make money in a recession. Referrals are the only way to get decent money from [url=""]Treasure Trooper[/url]. You have to be very active in order to get gains from the site. $500 is incredibly hard to attain, but the rewards are great. If you want to join the site, contact me and I'll send you the link. You also get 20% for every one you referred and 5% for each one they referred.

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