Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WarReWARds: An upcoming GPT site

WarReWARds is an interesting site since it follows in the same vein as other GPT sites like Treasure Trooper and Inbox Dollars, but this site came out yesterday. If anyone is asking, yes it does share some similarities to defunct GPT site SWATcash but it is a completely different site. It takes on the military theme and has plenty of ways to make money. The most obvious is the Offers section, which you do daily surveys and numerous offers to choose from. Minimum payout is $15 which is better than some others. Referral bonuses start at 15% and can go as high as 20%. No second level referral bonuses.

The most interesting aspect of WarReWARds is the Combat Map. You have to choose which military branch you're going to be in and appear on a 9x9 map. You're provided with a pistol, 10 bullets, light armor, and shoes. This is where it gets interesting. You have to move around the map and seek out enemies in order to earn WR, which is currency used to upgrade your equipment. This currency is also used to buy referrals or increase your commission rate from referrals (+1%). If you lose against an enemy, your health decreases slowly until you lose it all and can't move the map for 24 hours. Bullets can be earned through Offers and contests sponsors. You have to be active if you want to earn WR, get referrals, and bullets.

Overall, WarReWARds has the potential to become a great GPT site. If it can outlast other GPT sites, then WarReWARds will be a great way to earn some money and have fun in the mean time.

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