Sunday, July 11, 2010

College fast approaching, PC upgrade in progress

I'll be living in the dormitory (residence hall) at my local university for my last year with my younger brother. The main reason is that I need to get my bachelor's degree as soon as possible. Another reason is that I need a job to pay for my expenses. Living with my parents is good and all, but I can't depend on them due to them approaching senior status. Georgia is a joke when it comes to finding jobs. I couldn't even find one in the past year. Now that my father has to undergo rectal surgery and my brother seeing a dermatologist for his eczema, it is time for me to pay back to them for all they have done for me. Nobody wants to hire my knowledge and expertise when it comes to businesses and PC technology, which I'm remarkable at.

I'm still buying components for my PC and I bought a solid state drive for the first time. The OCZ Technology 60 GB Vertex 2 Series SATA II 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive (SSD) OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G was incredibly fast and my HDD never had fast loading speeds on boot-up and applications. SSD is the new wave of storage, but the price of flash memory is still too expensive. I still can't afford a replacement laptop like ASUS Republic of Gamers G73JH-A1 17-Inch Gaming Laptop (Black), but it is one of my goals to get a decent gaming laptop. Either that or winning some random contest to get something.

I'm still doing penny auctions but rather slowly due to limited funding. My winnings are usually small and I can't afford bids to get at least a Wii with Wii Sports Resort - Black, but I want to give it to a friend who is leaving for medical school this Fall. It's not too bad but you definitely need money to play penny auction sites.

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