Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some penny auction sites down

Well looks like some penny auction sites shut down for awhile. Happens all the time since they can't seem to make profits. Zoogboo is obvious anyway. monsterpennybids seems to give up on future auctions due to reserves set too high on items. Snaago has put their site up for sale on eBay, which means the site is in trouble (financial or legal who knows). What's really funny is that these owners show their other side (like Two-Face in those Batman movies)which is more dark and twisted. Doesn't matter anyway when there are countless other penny auction sites opening everyday.

I'll put up a list of penny auction sites you can rely on (hopefully) the right side. I really did win a few items, but cash deposited into your Paypal account is the easiest and doesn't require long delivery times.

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