Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RewardingWays GPT

I'm going to tell you about another GPT site since it's been a while. It is RewardingWays. This site is very much like other GPT sites, but they seem have weekly referral contests and monthly offer contests which is nice. PaidSurveysLive! and SurveyMad used to offer contests, but they cancel them earlier this year. If you want to win a contest, you have to do what the site wants. Referral generation and doing the most offers are the typical themes of most GPT sites. Unfortunately for me, I seem to have lost my edge in doing offers and surveys since they're much harder to approve now. On the bright side, RewardingWays pays by PayPal, Payza, and Liberty Reserve. I like a GPT site that has various payment options. Minimum cashout is $1, but if you buy a membership upgrade you can get instant PayPal cashout. The membership upgrade also helps you make slightly more money from offers so it helps. Upgrades last one year and have to be renewed by paying for membership.

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