Monday, July 25, 2011

Paid Surveys Live! - GPT site specializing in surveys

I have stumbled across this site after being put on probation at TreasureTrooper for violating their surveys, which is a joke. So I stumbled across Paid Surveys Live!, which is a GPT site similar to NatureBucks. Of course, this site seems to specialize in surveys and there are plenty of them on the site. Of course, there are also surveys for international members but mostly for those from China, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of surveys for USA and Canada members.

Like NatureBucks, Paid Surveys Live! has low minimum cash payout at just 1 cent. Never thought that would be possible, but it is true. Payments are processed daily. I like the games they offer when you can use your points to get more points and possibly convert them to cash. 1 point equals 1 cent while 100 points equals 1 dollar. Of course, there is also spin the wheel where you can use your tokens to get the chance of winning either cash, a free spin, or rarely an account upgrade. Their chatroom isn't as active since people just come to ask support questions and busy doing surveys.

This site has become my instant favorite due to the wealth of surveys there, but qualifying for them is another matter. They do pay pretty well, but surveys do run out very fast since other GPT sites use the same affiliate networks to get them. If you love doing surveys, then Paid Surveys Live! is perfect for you. Offers are decent like any other GPT site.

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