Sunday, January 13, 2013

Car accident

I have just got into a car accident, but I seem to be fine. Only the amber headlights and front bumper sustain some damage. The frame is just fine without any scratches. The car I hit was a Suzuki Cultus, which is a very old car from the 80s. It has only 2 doors and the guy was cursing and swearing at me. He mocked me and made fun of my nationality and race. I had to pay him $120 to make him go away, but the car he drove is just too old to even be repaired since Suzuki pulled out of the US market recently. I should have just let him call the police and tell the officer about the slick road conditions on a rainy day. I would've died and killed him if I went any faster, but it was only 50 mph. Lesson learned since this was my 1st car accident.

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