Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hard to make money again

It seems that making money is getting harder again. Even if Obama became President, it's not going to change the way I'm looking out for work. We'll just have to wait in January to see the first African-American President being sworn into office. As for me, I'm still doing my job as a temp. worker and it's still has its ups and downs. I updated my resume and got only one job offer and it was relevant to my studies, but it's in downtown Atlanta. Obviously, I need to pick up more skills and become more diverse because we are dealing with other countries. Just like the people in the Renaissance, college students need to broaden their skills and do what they need to land a good career. I did but it didn't do much due to being a minority. Discrimination is still a big issue and I'm not the only one. Life isn't fair when CEOs get huge bonuses even when the company is failing and they're spending company money on luxuries like hotels, shopping, renovations, and other nit nacks. Time for change is next year and must be for the better.

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