Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weak economy and deflation

With all of this talk about slashing prices and big discounts, you thought it would be a great deal. No one is buying anyway because the US economy is weakened. All it took was one person to cause all of this: the President of the United States. Our so called leader does not know how to care for his own people and the backlash he created has an impact on the world, triggering a worldwide recession. If you want your money being pumped in, then you got to have people willing to spend. Obviously, no one is spending for the upcoming holiday season. Instead, people will be spending their money online between other users so as to avoid taxes. You can get much better deals anyway than any retail store, but you get the item as is. Auction sites and classified ads like Craig's list seem to benefit from users like us as well. Deflation is like very low prices and huge discounts, but no one is buying at all. I might as well save my money for online shopping if there are great bargains at huge discounts.

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