Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day

Labor Day seems to be getting closer here in the USA, but only a fraction of the population will go out on vacation while the rest stay home. Many of the people I have seen are incredibly sad due to people losing their jobs and not making any income. I have seen it with my own eyes and experience job loss myself. It is frustrating to come up with money to pay for bills and I have to sell my stuff on eBay to cover for college tuition and expenses.

More people seem to be vocal about Obama's promise of change, but it is turning out to be a storm of uncertainty and unrest. People now blame Obama for the recession, but they don't realize that our country has outsource the jobs long ago to other nations. China now has the second largest GDP and will now do what it takes to surpass the USA. Don't blame the President, blame your companies and organizations for outsourcing your work to these nations to satisfy their greed and profit. Quit saying you're buying an American car when it was assembled in Mexico. You must realize that we can not blame someone else as a scapegoat, when we should be blaming those directly responsible for your job loss and time.

We're laughed at around the world and completely hated in the Middle East for trying to get into other countries' affairs. It's time for the USA to advance beyond petty squabbles and excuses and unite to make our future brighter instead of being bleak.
Violence and irrational behavior are no excuses to change our nation for the better.

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