Monday, September 14, 2009

Xoxide out of business for good

Looks like the site Xoxide will be closing its doors soon and selling off all their stuff. The store specializes in computer mods, components, and other knick-knacks. At first, the prices were okay but later prices drop to unbelievable levels. The price cuts make me want to buy stuff, but I didn't since I lost my job recently. Who would ever thought an Enermax Revolution 1050w PSU would be sold for $135 when the PSU is around $285? Blame the weak U.S. economy and skyrocketing unemployment. At least Xoxide still has an auction on buying the domain name which is good. If another computer parts store is going out of business, then I will buy whatever they have if the discounts are huge. It is scary though if other online computer vendors follow suit.

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