Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just got Omega Dawn

I just got the Omega Dawn booster pack from someone who wanted to trade for Super Stardust HD. I've met him on the PS3Forums, but I make sure that I get rid of my credit card information and the whereabouts of my address. People got ripped off for their credit card bills being overcharged from people who will take advantage of you. The trade was a done deal and it does indeed work. There does not seem to be many servers from Sony that support the booster pack, but at least there are some people playing on them. That one new map Omega Factory is completely nighttime and looks even harder to fight around the night sky. It would be better to fight as a ground trooper since warhawks seem to have a disadvantage around there. It was fun to play and a new place to explore. Hopefully there will be more content in the future.

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